Weekly Events List


Current Week


May 23rd-29th


  • Lunchtime Jams at Wave at 11 with Connor Eaves
  • Esham Afraid of the Dark Tour at the Elbow at 8
  • Lacey Cruse and Dan Niemeyer at Vorshay's at 6
  • John, from No Signal will be acoustic at the Pumphouse at 6
  • Oracle Blue at Norton's at 8
  • After Judo, Vision Quest, and Marrice Anthony at R Coffee at 8
  • Grivo, Living Ghost, and Nothing Special at Kirbys at 10
  • Bad Mother Hubbard at Mort's at 8
  • Matt Johnston at the Candle Club at 7
  • Steve Downey and Cindy Summers on the patio at Fredo's at 7
  • Bluegrass from Klondike 5 at Rose District Pavilion at 7


  • Lunchtime Jams at Wave with Jeremy Spring at 11
  • Dangie at the New Stadium at 5 followed by
  • Drew Fish Band at Barleycorn's at 9
  • Dustin Arbuckle and the Hay-Nations at Norton's at 8
  • Bad Mother Hubbard at Vorshay's at 9
  • Mahan at The Shamrock at 9
  • Annie Up at O'Briens at 9
  • Sunshine and the Bunny at the Artichoke at 8
  • Not Cops and Kiss Two at Wichita Oasis at 9
  • Llew Brown Band at the Brickyard at 930
  • Stimulus at the Kansas Star f/s 930
  • Art Bentley at the Candle Club at 830
  • Justin Howl and Riverside Red Band at Kirbys at 9 Followed by No Signal at 10
  • Take the Day at The Donut Whole at 7
  • Fridays at Fairmount Coffee has Samantha Carter at 7
  • Craig Steward at Fredos at 8


  • Kevin Dobbin at Want Coffee at 9am
  • Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears at Wave at 7
  • Epic at Booz N Buddies at 8
  • Metalachi at Norton's at 8
  • Annie Up at the Candle Club at 830
  • Fist and Contact will be at Kirbys at 9
  • Mary Ocher, Your Government, Zone Ender and Remains to Be Seen at Barleycorns at 10
  • Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy at Wheat State Wine co at 7
  • Jay Strantham and the Tokie Show at The Sham at 9
  • Zwaremachine and Ya Toya at Kirbys at 8
  • 90 proof at YaYa's at 8
  • Soul Music at the Pumphouse at 10
  • Monterey Jack at The Brickyard at 930
  • Candice and the Business Casual at Aero Plains at 8
  • Moody Little Sister with Paul and Lezlee at Our Place on Park Place at 7
  • Flex and the Downbeat Boyz at Vorshays at 9
  • The Cavves, Old News, Cartwheel, The Travel Guide, After Judo and Milkwave will be playing a show to support the recovery of Jenny Wood at The Back Beat behind MWDP at 4.
  • Zach Shoffner at the Brickyard at 6
  • David Lord, MariaElana, The World Palestine, and Nothing Special at Wichita Oasis at 7
  • Sister Sarah Tree at Mort's at 8
  • Whiskey River Band at Dancing in Paradise at 8


  • Oceano, Angelmaker, Prison, Cambion, Parallax, and Suffocate the Skies at RIL at 6
  • Acoustics anonymous at 2 and Lady Dee's blues jam at 830 at the New Stadium
  • Don Bradley's Country Jam at Shot Time 2 at 6


  • Aaron Underwoods open mic at the New Stadium at 9
  • The Moose, Armed With Feathers and The Calm at Kirbys at 9