Founded on January 1st, 2018

At ICT Radio we have an incredible love for music being musicians ourselves. Read below for more about us!


4/2/2018- 1000 hours of streaming achieved! 

27/50 States Reached, 25 Countries Reached

7/26/2018- 1000 Likes on Facebook !

42/50 States Reached 40+ Countries Reached

8/22/2018- 2000 hours of streaming achieved!

10/25/2018- 3000 hours of streaming achieved!

46/50 States Reached & 118 Countries Reached

1/1/2019 - ICT Radio 1 Year Anniversary! 

50/50 States reached and 120 Countries reached! 

4000 hours of streaming achieved


Our Mission:


A group of guys foster a simple idea. Remember the days when FLY 92.7 aired local music for an hour on Friday nights? It was a simple way to discover local garage bands. Why not make it 24 hours, seven days a week?

Challenge accepted, Wichita.

The future is upon us. You don’t need to inherit a radio station from your rich uncle, and you don’t need to create a pirate radio station like Christian Slater and get arrested.

With a little computer knowhow, drive, and a lot of local talent, ICT Radio is making a buzz. Within days of breaking the airway, hours of original music is broadcast into the ether.

Not only have Wichitans been listening, listeners throughout the world seem to dig it, especially the Germans. (Seriously, they like other stuff than David Hasselhoff.)

Doom Metal, Gangster Rap, Hillbilly Boogie, Experimental Indie Pop … ICT Radio will take and play it all. It’s the station of the bands, by the bands, and for bands of Wichita – banding together to show what Wichita music has to offer.