National Underground Radio

What is National Underground Radio?

This radio station was formed to help promote music from all over the country and world get into as many ears as possible. Much like ICT Radio but on a national scale! 

Launching on November 25th, 2018 National Underground Radio has a goal to become the go to spot for new music from all over of all different genres. No longer do listeners or artists have to battle red tape with corporate radio stations and or pounded into oblivion with non stop ads. 

To listen click the play button on the broacaster above in the middle of the page. You may need to hover your mouse or tap the center of the underground icon if you do not see the play button.

Alternatively you can also listen in by downloading the apps lower on this webpage and searching: National Underground Radio.

We hope you enjoy the music and feel free to reach out to us at: for any questions, comments or concerns!


Listen Through The Shoutcast Apps

App Store


 Click the App Store icon to download the app and search: National Underground Radio through the app

Play Store


 Click the Google Play Icon to download the app and search: National Underground Radio through the app. If the app does not appear simply search "shoutcast" and download the app

General Info

Submitting Music


To submit tracks for consideration to National Underground send MP3's to:

What We Are Looking For


High quality unsigned artists and musicians who want to get their music out to the world: All Genres Welcome

Facebook Page


Click The Photo Above to be directed to our social media page