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Currently our playlist is random. You may in turn hear a Rock song followed by a Hip Hop song followed by a Country song. Enjoy and feel free to send any questions comments and concerns to ictradio316@gmail.com

Thank you for checking out ICT Radio and happy listening! 

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What makes us different

At ICT Radio we strive to be the station that producers, labels etc look to in order to make their next album. Our mission is to get our artists into as many ears around the world as possible. We have currently no advertising and that allows us to play significantly more content than other stations. We have an in house podcast where we interact with locals, people of interest and discuss what is actually happening in our community. The other stations play 30-40 minutes of music then bombard you with ads. We cringe at the thought of doing that to our listeners. We operate 100% out of pocket. We believe radio needs to serve the community it broadcasts from . We also believe radio should serve the artists it plays as well. On our calendar page as well as our Facebook we are constantly posting shows, events and links in support of our community. Although we are currently small and growing our listeners and artists are what makes us possible! All artists simply need to do to be played on the station is to send an mp3 file or wav file to ictradio316@gmail.com. We will then review it and add it to the lineup in queue! If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to reach out to us at ictradio316@gmail.com