Advertising Opportunities

Social Media


We have been growing our following of music lovers both local and around the globe and offer unique opportunities to help grow your business on the social media side to specific target markets of your choice.



Our podcasts continually reach more and more people and offer the chance to promote your business and or products through our podcasts. This is more organic than a traditional radio ad but runs the opportunity to be played over and over again with each download whether that be a year from now or a month from now. This is the opportunity that keeps on giving!

Website Ads


We are reaching significant amounts of people with a significant amount being heavily local yet also branching out across the country and the world. We offer affordable website ads that will take viewers straight to your content of choice! This advertising method is highly recommended.

Radio Station Ads


We have some great deals when comparing them with the expensive prices of corporate radio stations. There is a 1 time setup fee with this method to record the ad but a very professional product that your business will own will come of it. Watch your business grow as 90% of people in the US listen to some form of radio daily. 



We offer a few packages that do include discounts when bundling services through us. We would be more than happy to share those with you. What are you waiting for! Drop us a line to start growing your business without breaking the bank! 

How to Inquire


Click the button below to contact us at ICT Radio for more info if interested! 

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