2019 ICT RADIO TOP 10 Countdown Results


#1: The Great Moon Hoax

#2: Acme Rock Co
#3: Kapybara
#4: Easy Killer
#5: Brother Jukebox
#6: In;Retrospect
#7: Jason Callahan

#8: Hey Radio

#9: Gravity Waves
#10: Pretend Friend
#11: Big Red Horse

#12: Dusty Grant

#13: Wabash & Lake

#14: Left Without Notice

#15: The Hero Narrative

#16: The 33

#17: Mountain Deer Revival

#18: Tequila Ridge

#19: Kyle Killgore

#20: Cartwheel

2019 Top 10 Countdown


  •  Each week you will be able to vote 5x a day for the same artist or multiple artists 7 days a week

  • All artists must be local music in Wichita and surrounding areas. 

  • Polls close at 23:30 the last day of each month at 23:30 Central Time

  • The top 10 artists with the most votes will be announced via the Top 10 Countdown Show which will air the following Sunday after each month ends unless otherwise announced differently during that month.

  • The top (2) Artists each month will automatically be entered into the December Contest. 

  • If your band is a Top  2 band during a month throughout the year you will not appear in the voting contest again until December for the finals. 

  • In December there will be a weekly Top 10 Countdown updating the results until the final week of December.

  • At this time the plan is to have unlimited voting in December but this is subject to change

  • Any band that has won our contest before will be ineligible for 1 year following their winning year. However you can still participate in the contest but cannot win prizes. The prize(s) will go to the next highest score if winning artist is ineligible. 

  • If your votes are found to be fraudulent using bots, proxies, or manipulation in any way your votes will be removed and the artist will be disqualified. We are able to identify and correct voting anomalies. By participating you agree to do so in good faith by following the rules laid forth above.   

  • This contests rules are subject to change at the discretion of ICT Radio

  • The Contest will start February 1st, 2019- GOOD LUCK! 

  • The artist with the highest amount of votes in December 2019 will receive the following:  

          (1) FREE day of studio recording time from Magnitude Creative

          (1) Band Package from Ships Custom Tees

Proud Sponsors for 2019