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Currently our playlist is random. You may in turn hear a Rock song followed by a Hip Hop song followed by a Country song. Enjoy and feel free to send any questions comments and concerns to ictradio316@gmail.com

Thank you for checking out ICT Radio and happy listening! 

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 We strive to bring the best music Wichita has to offer into the ears of our listeners locally, regionally and around the globe. 

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Our Podcasts

Totally raw podcasts interviewing area artists with no filter!Check back weekly for new episodes.  We have now added Sunday Morning Buzz and the Artist Spotlight to our programming for your pleasure. 

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History Section: Where Our Goal Starts

 Our goal is to provide a platform for unsigned, local and regional artists to get their music to audiences they previously couldn't reach.  

ICT Radio History

Contacting US


Currently we are not accepting any additional contributors to be a part of our station. We are always accepting content in the form of music. Currently we are focused on growing this radio station organically and at the pace we have decided internally. We apologize for any inconveniences. We want to make sure we maintain control of the direction of our station and would like to thank everybody who has been a part of our journey thus far! Artists and Musicians we thank you for everything you have helped us to achieve thus far and look forward to continually progressing into THE radio station by musicians for musicians. It is our core mission to propel Wichita, Kansas area artists and musicians to a world scale and are showing the first signs of achieving this feat already. We are now looking for additional support in the form of merchandise and anything any local business would want to give away in return for promotion of their local business. We are getting proficient with the marketing of our station and would like to extend the expertise to assist local businesses in expanding their customer bases and doing so far cheaper than any expensive PR business or other radio station would charge you. We honestly wonder what these other local radio stations do with all of the money they bring in. We aim to be the model for the future of radio not just in the ICT but the nation and world. We are here to mix up business as usual. If you would like to discuss opportunities with us feel free to reach out below through the contact us interface! 

Contact Us

Please remember to submit mp3 files of your bands music to ictradio316@gmail.com to be put onto the station! 

ICT Radio

333 N Dontknowstreet, Wichita, KS 67211, US

Email: ictradio316@gmail.com

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